About Us


I am a member of and hold a SHRM-CP from The Society of Human Resource Management

HR from eCornell

I supplemented my HR knowlesge with a post-graduate certificate in Human Resource Management from eCornell


Additionally, I hold an FPC from the American Payroll Association.

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The CHROs is licensed to sell both Individual and Group plans for the major medical carriers in Utah. Additionally, The CHROs provides supplemental plans such as Vision, Dental, Accident, and Disability plans to provide comprehensive protection for you and your family.

Our history

The Healthcare Market can be complex, confusing,  and costly. The CHROs is a licensed Agency in the State of Utah and was founded to help Startups, Small Employers, and Individuals tailor affordable healthcare plans while maintaining robust coverage options to protect you and your family. We are appointed by the Major Medical Carriers in Utah, as well as supplemental providers of Dental, Vision, and Accident/Disability insurance plans. We have tools in place to compare and contrast different options easily to help you make an informed decision.

The CHROs, or the Chief Human Resource Officers, initially started  as I found that many times, Human Resource, Workforce Management, or Payroll activities consumed a lot of time from clients I visited. I saw many reasons for this such as: systems not configured to match organizational policies, training, or simply inertia based on what people were used to using. If you spend even 8 hours per pay period making corrections or adjustments, the cost impact is expensive not just in terms of time, but also by limiting focus. I am here to help with any aspect of HR or systems management needed so that you can focus on what’s most important, running your business. The CHROs still provides system support, HR consultation, and has relationships with several software providers and system integrators.

If you would like to chat please feel free to reach out for a discussion of your needs.


A Little Bit More ‘About Me’

P.S. if you want to know a little bit more about me, I was born at the tail-end of Generation X and right on the cusp of ‘The Millennials’. It was an interesting time as I could still spend a lot of time outdoors, but in First Grade I learned how to program in Apple Basic, and played a lot of Oregon Trail.

I discovered the wonderful world of dialing into BBS’s via my 2400 baud modem which caused me to be the envy of the virtual world. This began my journey with technology.

While times have changed, I believe a great work environment for both Employers and Employees is fundamental, and that affordable and comprehensive benefits is part of creating an employer of choice. 

I am licensed in the State of UT and appointed by the Major Medical Carriers as well as Supplemental Carriers for Dental, Vision, and Accident plans. As an independent agent I can offer plans that are tailored for your specific situation.

My family and I have put down roots in South Jordan, Utah and are budding Real Salt Lake fans.

Let's work together

Send us a note via text (801) 200-3080 or email: charles@thechros.com), or give us a call at (801) 200-3080.